Consider Coco Nova Studio a dream come true. After years of talking about it, it’s finally happened – we’ve started a business together!

We – Kirsten & Denise, that’s us – met nearly 20 (gasp) years ago when we enrolled in college to become photographers. After both of us had taken a bit of time out to travel and expand our life views, we were individually secretly dreading being the ‘mature’ student however, in a brilliant twist of events, discovered they were just 2 of a handful of older people on the same course. The next three years would be some of our most memorable and the start of a lifelong friendship.

Even while at college we casually chatted about ‘when we have our own business’ like it was a given that we would always work together. Looking back, this makes perfect sense as it was rare to find one of us on campus without the other. Days spent in the darkroom – done together. Hours spent in the studio – working as a team. Early morning location assignments – tiredly, sharing the experience. So why then has it taken so long for us to get to this point? Simply put; logistics. Until 3 years ago we didn’t live on the same continent, let alone the same town/country. Kirsten was happily living in London with her husband (who she also met at college) and two children while Denise was still sunning it up in South Africa, where they first met.

But that brings us to now! While apart we both worked as photographers in our own capacity – Kirsten at Kirsten Duberly Photography and Denise at a Guy & a Girl Photography – but finally everything has come together, ready for us to find our happy place, Coco Nova Studio, where our real journey begins…

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