Things I wish I knew before the big day

So the things I wish I knew before I started planning my wedding.


  1. Something will go wrong
    This ‘something’ could be small or big (options are open here). My wedding was starting at 10:30 on a Saturday morning. On the Friday afternoon my family, a few friends and I went to decorate the venue and make sure everything was  where it was supposed to be.
    At about 5pm with a couple of things to finish up, the sound system stopped working. At 5pm on Friday (with T minus 17 hours to go before I walked down the aisle) the sound system stopped working!
    I felt my blood pressure rising as people started joking about drumming on the tables to make music (I know it was Africa, but lets be serious here), my bestie very tactfully handed me a glass of wine, as I took a glug sip of the wine, one of my Dad’s life long friends gently told me that he would “sort it out”, the look in his eyes told me he would sort it out.
    He did sort it out because the next day we had music and one huge party.
  2. Don’t forget to eat
    Now this may seem silly, but nerves and excitement are rife! You’re getting your hair done, make up, there are people buzzing around you…there are loads of things going on and suddenly you realise you haven’t eaten a thing. I remember my Mom making me eat half a piece of toast before she left the house. Standing in the kitchen in my beautiful dress, feeling nauseous and forcing this toast down, but I did it and I got through the ceremony without a grumbling stomach.
    Also (and I’m not sure I will ever come to terms with this) I missed dessert. I was so busy chatting to people and having a good time that I somehow missed the dessert that we had painstakingly chosen. Fail!
  3. Enjoy it
    You have been planning this day for sometime now and lets be honest, weddings don’t usually come cheap, so enjoy it! You’re surrounded by your nearest and dearest and they’re all there for you and your new spouse, so take a moment, look around, soak it up and have fun, it will be over sooner than you realise.

Once your wedding is over and you’ve managed to finish off the last few pieces of cake (pre-wedding diet is long gone now) you of course have the excitement of your beautiful wedding photographs to come. I remember receiving ours in a big pack and it really was like reliving the day and something to treasure forever.

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